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Ronnie Still Slingin’ Ink

Ron putting in work

Ronnie Still Slingin’ Ink, 50 years plus later Ronnie is still tattooing.  Here in this picture he is tattooing a portrait he did last week.

Fedd Hill Team


Fedd Hill Team-Always Tattoo

We had some of the Fedd Hill Team members pass by the shop on Memorial day to get the word “Always” tattooed as a group in the same place and same style in memory of the late Fedd Hill member Richie Rags.  Check out their facebook page at

Adult Film Star Michelle Mclaren Gets Tattooed At Ronnie’s

IMG016-1jpg IMG017 IMG025 IMG018 IMG020
IMG023-1 IMG019-1 IMG013-1 IMG021

Michelle Mclaren stopped by Ronnies tattoo studio in between performances at Cheater’s to get tattooed. She was very cool and alot of fun to hang out with. Be sure to check out her website and visit Cheater’s here in Providence the next time she’s in town.